Saturday, November 17, 2012

the Temple.

i absolutely love the temple! i have had the wonderful blessing of working at the temple for the past two years of my life and it has been the best choice i have ever made. i will admit every saturday when my alarm goes off at 5 a.m i want to just roll over and pretend i didnt hear it, but then i get to the temple and get to hang out with the most amazing people ever. i love seeing the dedicated old ladies who are there every saturday at the crack of dawn to serve the Lord. I love being engulfed with the spirit of the Lord for 6 hours and watch amazing miracles take place. The blessings of the temple are so real and so powerful. I know now matter how my day starts off if i go to the temple i will feel my Heavenly Fathers love. i am so grateful for temples.
s laskou,

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  1. I love love this post. You're stronger than I am---the 5 a.m. alarm finally got the best of me.
    Barbara, er, Sister Dayton :)