Sunday, November 18, 2012


one thing in my life i have a love/hate relationship with is jam packing my day with things to do. i love doing a million things at once and one thing right after the other, but at the same time it is something im trying to work on, not to do. my saturdays which i think will be a day to sleep always turn into days of craziness, that i love. after getting 3 hours of sleep the night before i spent  my morning at the temple, which was lovely, then i met up with one of my favorite binkys at station 22 for a yummy yummy lunch. it was great to get together and catch up on life. After i was off to work where we had lots of fun with our sale of the year, and then off to dinner with some great friends i havent seen in a while. Dinner was filled with great awkward moments, thanks jake :), and interesting stories i dont know if i ever wanted to hear, but it was needless to say wonderful. To end the day we went to a great hawaiian party for estee and tanner's birthday, which had yummy drinks and great people. loved the day so much but definitely ended crashing in my bed and falling asleep instantly.
s laskou,

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