Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My First 3D movie!

Yesterday i saw Tangled, the cutest movie ever, in 3D with my favorite people.
was 3D that great, not really. was it still the greatest, YES!
s laskou,

getting excited!
the glasses

The smartest person i know!

i know alot of smart people i feel. friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, but by far the smartest person i know is my 17 year old little brother, how that is possible i dont know, but he is brilliant! and i love him.
this post is for you DELON.

s laskou,

this lady loved him!

with the Ambassadors of Macedonia and Nepal

this is the norm for delon, something he does all the time. did i mention he is in college, and will, when others graduate high school, have his bachelors degree. he's smart. i love him!

birthday birthday!

my cutest little cousin maria turned 6 this last week, and to celebrate what more exciting then classic skating, karaoke, and cake. every 6 year olds dream come true! its was a delight!

s laskou,

the birthday girl!
my fav: daniel