Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert

I had one of the most wonderful experiences of my life last night! My dearfriend Barbra invited me to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert. Theconcert was AMAZING!!!!! to say the least. The choir was splendid as always andAlfie Boe took my breath away when he sang "Bring Him Home" one of mymost favorite songs, from my favorite musical. Tom Brokaw made me cry with oneof the most touching stories i have ever heard, about the candy bomber. Theconcert was just flawless. To top everything off I was also able to meet EldersOaks, Uchtdorf, Nelson, and Perry. The men are wonderful and i was overwhelmedwith the spirit each of them had around them. To finish the night off we wentto the Perry's home where they offered us soup and ice cream. Elder Perryalso let me know how sensible my purse is and how every women should get one like mine, made me smile. Had a wonderful time laughing and it felt like being at home withfamily and loved ones. This night is everything i needed, and showed me thatHeavenly Father knows me as an individual and really cares about me personally!Couldn’t ask for anything more wonderful during this Christmas season.

s laskou, 

Our seats were so close to them!!!
So nice of Elder Perry to give us these tickets!
Love this picture
The most amazing organist!

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  1. So glad you came!! I wish we could have the entire night to do over again:)