Monday, August 6, 2012

Road Trip.

Jane, Sam, Jake and i went on a wonderful road trip. It started off with a stop in St. George for the night to see the lovely couple, Joi & Dan, then off to Las Vegas for some shopping and fun. Had a great time on the strip where some great shopping got done and some shows got seen, let's just say Treasure Island's water show is not as family friendly as it use to be. Spent the night in a lovely Resort, thanks to our most wonderful friends the Davies! It felt like we were in little Italy and the place was just gorgeous to say the least. We had a wonderful trip ending up in St. George for the wedding of Joi & Dan, a trip to the lake that was perfect, and getting drinks with Morgan. It couldn't have been a more fun trip!
s laskou,

The Road Trip Begins!
 H&M in Vegas, yes they had a DJ on site.
 Art Gallery
 The Beautiful Resort we stayed at
 Some night swimming
 What happened every time we got in the car

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