Friday, December 9, 2011


Searle and I had a homework assignment to ride TRAX in Salt Lake City so, we talked Lauren and Shannon into coming with us. It was a great time, and Searle used his new pick-up line from that video going around facebook, guys and girls can't be just friends. Lauren is now his 5th girlfriend.
Lots of fun.....Enjoy.
S Laskou, Nicole


  1. My word, I miss your face!!! Why do you live so dang far away?!?! LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!!!!

  2. You little BEGGAR!!! you found me! P.S. Searle is a stud!!!

  3. hee hee i told you i would find it....and i love it seriously one of my fav blogs so far.

    lys move back to utah so i can see my baby that i waited so long for and havent even seen!