Wednesday, January 26, 2011


so i have given in and i got a blog. i see it as on online journal to keep track of my life and keep the people in my life updated.  so here i go.

s laskou,

a little about me.....
just returned home from a 18 month LDS mission, in the Czech Republic, couldnt have had a more wonderful experience.

i absolutely love my family!

.....and my friends!



 i have a fetish with turtles, owls, and elephants. i think they are so cute. i also own the cutest turtle alive, Fabio.

i love anything to do with fashion, from clothing to photography. i love to shop and travel. people are usually shocked when they find out i am studying civil engineering but yes it is true i do, and i love it. 

thats just a little about me.

s laskou,

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